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Join us for 2 days of intense Collect! training.

Dates: June 4 & 5, 2020
Venue: Embassy Suites by Hilton, Atlanta, GA
Staffing: Presenters plus additional staff for 'one-on-ones'
Partners: Selected integration partners will be present
Cost: First Participant Included then $250 members per participant / $450 non-members per participant covers sessions, beverages, snacks, 2 lunches, 1 dinner
Hotel: Rates starting at $169: airport shuttle, hot breakfast, coffee, snacks, & WiFi included
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Meet Collect!. Ultra-flexible debt collection software built to integrate and to be easily customized as your agency grows.

  • Simple to use. You can get an operator started in less than two hours.
  • Built to customize. Easily integrate with existing software and expand functionality as you grow.
  • Packed with features. Automate from first contact to last payment.
  • Test-drive it now - your fully functional trial version is 15 seconds away.

We built Collect! to integrate with your business since day one. You can get an operator going in just a few hours and then customize, add features, and expand as your agency grows. Try it yourself completely free.

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"Collect! has everything wrapped up into one powerful program that truly caters to an agency's growth."  Craig W.

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Customize as you Grow

Customize as you grow

Your business will grow and your needs will change. Customize Collect! and make it your own. Our ultra-flexible software integrates with related industry products such as BillingTree and TCN Broadcasting and many more.

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"Collect! has been very impressive in helping us make the customized changes to make the system fit our needs."  Craig B.

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“ Support is first class!! ” Peter H., Gold Coast
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Made to automate

It is easy to automate collection letters, track phone calls, manage payments, and increase collection rates. Ideal for reducing manual tasks and improving your portfolio penetration rates.

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"The Collect! software is extremely user friendly. We can put a collector at a desk with this software and within two to four hours, they are collecting and have very few questions about the software - it's just that easy!"  Craig W.

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Made to Automate

Packed with Features

Packed with features

Customize multi-tiered strategies, electronic queuing of operator-to-operator requests, performance metrics and analytics, quick dial from debtor screen, and tons of other features and customizations.

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"This reliable, automated service saves time for our administration staff which in turn frees up resources to perform support functions which help our collectors to focus on our core business practice: collecting money for our clients."  Michelle B.

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Quick tour of Collect!'s features:

  • Quick Dial feature that interfaces with in-house phone systems.
  • Security and control features at per user and per portfolio levels.
  • Automate workflow strategies and targeted actions.
  • Dial right from the debtor screen, converting the time lost in manual dials and misdials.
  • Optimize and automate inventory management.
  • Performance metrics and analytics to measure success and proactively identify strategy issues.
  • Compatibility with related industry products.

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"Collect! is affordable and it is the most powerful and flexible software I have seen."  Norma B.

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