System and Environment

Collect! is cost effective and can run on any modern business machine running Windows 7 or later. Collect! uses a low maintenance, high-performance database server offering complete high end functionality without you needing a specialized database administrator.

Rest assured knowing your data is secured and encrypted at rest and in transit. You can set Collect! up to give you Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) security to meet even the toughest guidelines. Add multi-level password security, account level access control and a secure yet easily maintained installation environment, plus an integrated Secure SSL based Web Host that creates its own Certificates, and you have a powerhouse system that can meet or exceed your security needs.

Store your data reliably and manage from one to hundreds of users quickly and efficiently. Unlike other systems, there are no separate license fees for the Collect! database server.

Use Crystal Reports or any other of your favourite reporting tools to query Collect!'s database. Access your data using ODBC/SQL, Perl, or even JDBC to create you own specialized processing or external queries. Collect!'s ultimate flexibility adjusts to fit you perfectly yet affordably.

For years, we've been helping businesses like yours, continuing to refine and expand our systems to meet your needs now and in the future. The results are Collect!'s impressive number of user definable information fields, contact management scheduling on clients, debtors and related parties, cosigners on debtors and clients and much, much more.

You can tailor Collect! to suit virtually any need with our unique scripting feature, processing data and displaying information in a field you designate. Customize lists to display information relevant to you in the columns and order you want. Full screen windows and extra large fields allow maximum information storage and viewing ease.

Some of our newer corporate level functions include:

  • Hot Online Backup: You can backup your database while people are using it. This means you can run multiple shifts and still be assured your data is safe and secure, even if your server suddenly goes up in smoke.
  • Change History: Who did what, when? All changes to database records are recorded in a separate log. You can search the log to track a single operator's activity or view changes made at a given date or time. You can even rollback or undo undesired changes.
  • Archiving: Speed up performance by archiving old or inactive account information. Retrieve records at any time into your live database.

Technical expertise and years of experience have created Collect!'s exceptional system to meet all your professional needs now and for years to come.

  • ODBC/SQL integrates with Crystal Reports and other systems
  • Transaction change history
  • Account archiving
  • GUI environment
  • Perl and JDBC querying, extraction and updating
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