Manage your finances quickly, easily and completely with Collect!'s comprehensive financial management system. From the moment you enter new accounts, Collect! can manage all financial activity for your client and debtor accounts, posting transactions and payments, generating and printing invoice/statements and checks, reporting payables and receivables and calculating in-house and operator commissions. Month end processing is fast, efficient, and reliable. Once you enter any financial information, Collect! automatically calculates this into all appropriate areas based on your settings.

Financial features include trust accounting, histories, promises, payment breakdown prioritization, NSF and post-dated checks, industry standard interest calculations, fees, adjustments, settlements and judgments, and net or gross client remittances.

Collect! calculates and tracks operator commissions and collection success rates, flexibly and automatically. Reports are available instantly so you are always in control with financial statistics at your fingertips. Global agencies choose Collect! for supporting multiple currencies on every level.

Collect! has all the financial features you love best. Experience the benefits of proven, powerful and effective financial management and enjoy the enhanced productivity Collect! gives you.

  • Complex or simple interest and amortization choices
  • Two step statement and invoicing process
  • Regenerate and reprint client invoice/statement on demand
  • Fully integrated transaction and payment posting
  • Net and gross client remittance
  • Balance daily cash reports to bank deposit records
  • Variable commission rate plans with a variety of bases
  • User definable payment allocation and breakdown
  • Take checks over the phone
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